1 Ton Inventory List


2-Arri 150w Fresnels

2-Arri 300w Fresnels

2-Arri 650w Fresnels

4-Triple Riser Combi

2-Triple Riser Combi Aluminum

8- Baby Stands Double and Triple

12- 40” C-Stands

2- 20” C-Stands


1-6” Baby C-Clamp 

4-Scissors Clamps

10-Safety Chains

1-Baby Boom

2-Jr. to Baby Adapters

4-Maffer Clamps

1-Gaffer Grips

10-#1 Spring Clamps

10-#2 Spring Clamps

5-#3 Spring Clamps

2-2.5” Heads

2-4.5” Heads

1-Jr. Plate

4-Baby Plates

2-Duck Bills

2-Short Arms

2-Cardellini Clamps


4-18x24 Solid

2-18x24 Silk

2-18x24 Single

2-18x24 Double

4- 24x36 Solid

2- 24x36 Silk

2- 24-36 Single

2- 24x36 Double


4-48x48 Floppies

1-48x48 Silk

1-48x48 Single

1-48x48 Double

4-48x48 Frames

1-48x48 Beadboard

1-48x48 Foamcore

2-4x8 Foamcore


1-8x8 Quick Corners Frame – Solid, Silk, Single,

Double, Griff


2-Full Nesting Apple Box Sets

Crate Wedges

12-20lb Shot Bags


1- Milk Crate Grip Cart

1 - C Stand Cart

1-Jr Magliner Camera Cart

4-Safety Cones

4-Sound Blankets

1-6’ Ladder


Expendables  and Production Supplies Available Upon Request




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