Audio Kit

Sound Devices 302 Mixer

Petrol Field Mixer Bag

4 Xlr Cables

Senheiser 416 Microphone

Sony Professional Headset

Lectro 201 and 401 Wireless mic Tram Microphone

2 Countryman Wireless Lav Microphones

Headphone Distribution Amp

Carbon Fibre Boom Pole 

Sound Devices 302 Field Mixer

Petrol Field Mixer Bag

Sound Devices HX 3 Headphone Distribution Amp

3 headphone jacks

Zoom H4N Digital Audio Recorder

SD Card

2 AA Batteries


BeachTek DXA Alexa Audio Interface

For Alexa Mini & compatible cameras

Low Noise Preamp 100 db Dynamic Range

2x Transformer Balanced XLR inputs

Wooden Camera A Box

Allows for 2 XLR camera inputs

Sennheiser 416 Microphone

Wind Screen

XLR Cable

Microphone Case

Lectrosonics UCR401 Wireless System

Tram Microphone

Clips and Windscreens


Lectrosonics UCR201 Wireless System

Tram Microphone

Clips and Windscreens


Countryman Wired Lav

Clips and Windscreens

10 Channel Mackie Sound Board

Sony Professional Headphones


Hot Shoe Mic Holder

Boom Pole

Wired or Nonwired Available

Aluminum and Carbon Fibre Available

XLR Cables



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