Distro Boxes


300 Amp Camlock Distro Box

-Camlock to 3- 100a Bates Outputs


600 amp Camlock Distro Box                              

-Camlock to 6-100amp Bates Outputs

900 Amp Camlock Distro Box                            

-Camlock to 3-100amp; 3-220v Bates Outputs

1200 Amp Camlock Distro Box

-Camlock to 10 100amp, Courtesy 20amp GFCI

Camlock to Edison GFCI Lunch Box

-Camlock to 12 Edison GFCI Outlets

100 Amp Woodheads

- 100a Bates to 5 20a Edison Outlets

60 Amp Woodheads

- 60a Bates to 3 20a Edison Outlets

100 Amp Lunchbox

-5 20 amp outlets




#2  5-Wire Banded Feeder Cable  

2/0 Single Camlock Feeder Cable

4/0 Single Camlock Feeder Cable

50ft 220v Bates Extensions

100ft 100 amp Bates Extensions

50ft 100amp Bates Extensions  

25ft 100amp Bates Extensions  

50ft 60amp Bates Extensions

25ft 60amp Bates Extensions


#2  5-Wire Camlock Trico Tie in Set

#2 5-Wire Bare Ends                                              


Bates 60amp to 2-60amp Splitter                                  

Bates 100amp to 2-100 amp Splitter  


Bates 100amp to 60amp Splitter                              

100ft Extension (Stingers)                                    

50ft Extensions (Stingers)                                   

25ft Extensions (Stingers)


Edison Quad Box                                    



220 Amp Snake Bite                   

100 Amp Snake Bite


60 Amp Snake Bite


Camlock T’s    


Male and Female Suicide                                                     



5k Variac Dimmer

2k Variac Dimmer

1k Variac Dimmer

2k Slide  Dimmer       


1k Slide Dimmer


300w Practical Slide Dimmer                                                                           



Honda 2000 watt

Honda 2000 watt companion                                        

Honda 3000 watt 


Honda 5500 watt  

Honda 7000 watt                                                   

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